21 Mar
  • By Renee
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Sean Copley


It has been 3 years since I scuba dive. Fortunately, the “Dive Warriors” organization invited me to once more experience what I was missing. The experience of being underwater has given me the best medicine for the physical and mental injuries I received in the military. As a veteran, I have undergone numerous types of medical treatment, but nothing seems to have a long lasting results. Scuba diving gave me my life back.

Diving provided me the opportunity for peace of mind when I constantly struggle from the pressures and demand of everyday life. The weightlessness feeling when I am in the open waters of the Pacific Ocean relieves just for a short time all the pain in my body. The quietness of being underwater helps me clear my head. And meeting with other veterans help me understand that I am not alone.

Thank you to “Dive Warriors” for helping and supporting the military veterans.  Thanks to Brad, Cindy and Ben.  You guys are heroes among the fighting men and women of the United States Arm Forces.