23 Mar
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Brian Duran


Hi. I’m Brian Duran and I am a disabled veteran from the OIF/OEF Era. I was introduced to SCUBA diving back in 2011 while receiving physical therapy from the VA hospital in Loma Linda, CA. After receiving my open-water SCUBA certification from the organization called, Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project, I continued to dive a few more times and then stopped in 2013. Now that I am on staff with that non-profit organization, it has rejuvenated my interest in diving, as well as helping my fellow bothers and sisters in arms.

Building a business and a non-profit organization has always been a part of my bucket list. Working with DVSP has helped me fulfill these goals. In addition to working with DVSP, I am becoming more involved with the various sub-committees, based out of the San Bernardino county area, geared towards helping veterans with their various needs, post military service.

On a resent trip with Dive Warriors to the Catalina dive park, in Southern California, I felt as if I had been rewarded for all my hard work. Just simply being with fellow veterans was more rejuvenating then the dive itself. I really enjoyed my time with my family! I am grateful to be a part of an organization that is dedicated to providing our veterans an opportunity to continue diving and feel that familiar bond that we all once shared while in service to our great country.