I guess this all started on a dive boat in the Bahamas one day when I met a group of disabled veterans. They had a Divemaster with them who was darting back and forth between all the Vets helping them to get ready. Being a Divemaster myself I asked if there was anything I could do to help. He appreciated the offer and asked if I wouldn’t mind tagging along with them in the water. I was diving alone that day so I agreed. The dive was pretty uneventful. I swam behind the group and didn’t do much except help one guy with his buoyancy. When we were nearing the end of the dive I could see one of the guys who had lost his leg above the knee was lagging behind. I swam up to him and flashed the OK sign? Right away I could tell he was tired. He pointed to my arm. At first I wasn’t sure what he was trying to tell me. It was only when he reached over and grabbed my arm that I understood he wanted me to help him along. I started to kick and guided him over the reef and back to the mooring line.

It was a little thing. So little that I didn’t give it much though. It wasn’t until later when we were back on the boat that I looked over at him that I saw he was looking at me with a smile and said, “Thank you.” Right away I could tell this wasn’t your everyday, obligatory ‘thank You’. It wasn’t the kind of ‘thank you’ that’s said in passing or the kind your mother instilled in you to be polite when you were young. This was something else. This was a deeply heart felt thank you, to one stranger who had offered a kindness to another. What I viewed as something that was no big deal was obviously quite a big deal to him.

I thought about it that night at the hotel. I thought about it on the plane trip home. And the more I thought about it, the more I realized I wanted to get involved in sharing the sport I love with those who have given so much in the defense of our country — and so the idea of Dive Warriors was born.

What if there was an organization that could give something back to these brave men and woman who have given so much for us? What if this organization created an environment that fosters healing and personal growth? What if this organization could bring wounded, disabled and ill veterans together in an environment of comradery and friendship? What if this organization could take certified disabled veterans on the trip of their lives where they could dive everyday in clear, warm waters?

It was at that moment Dive Warriors was born.

We are a non profit organization. We have no paid staff members. Everyone involved is a volunteer. Dive Warriors operates completely from donations from supporters like you.

So please give generously and make a tax deducible contribution today.

Brad Mirman
President and Founder