What Dive Warriors Means To Me by Kimberly Carr

What can I say?! There are no words to fully explain how amazing the Dive Warriors group is. Through a series of events I ended up meeting a few members of this group at the RRR event (lacscuba). I was immediately welcomed with open arms, to include a bit of good ol’ military sibling rivalry. I later had the opportunity to see a few members of this fun-loving crew in action on the Westerly Dive Boat at Catalina. Again, there are no words to describe the immediate bond of camaraderie and friendship. Like being swept up in a tornado and whisked off to another world away from the daily and sometimes hourly struggles we face. This is beyond diving; this group represents life after service for so many. Rather than being the exception you are the rule. I left feeling like I’d been reunited with long lost brothers and sisters.

— Kimberly Carr

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