What Dive Warriors Means To Me by Kyle Schneider

Due to the utmost respect of those around us, I’ve been given the opportunity to be part of something bigger than myself and that’s helping with DIVE WARRIORS. Not only a privilege but an honor to be part of an organization that looks out for those who looked after us and gave more than they’d hope and now get the opportunity to continue living life and exploring the world with a whole new perspective, a new way of thinking, and a glimpse of how spectacular life can be underwater with a new vision.

Being a disabled veteran myself, I’m also an SSI Divemaster and I can’t thank my fellow vets or Brad Mirman enough for this opportunity and in being able to use my offset skills, training, and background to continue helping everyone around me as each and every one of these vets have the dignity and respect to learn, explore, challenge, and enjoy life once again and all because of DIVE WARRIORS! Thank you my new and old friends alike and I hope to take this to another level and spend time diving with each and every one of you around the world from here on out (not just the cold waters of Catalina)!

— Kyle Schneider

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