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Every day 22 Veterans take their lives. That’s a staggering statistic.

That’s 8,000 a year…  one every 65 minutes.

After proudly serving our country many of them have returned with disabilities ranging from PTSD, traumatic brain injury, spinal injuries and loss of limbs.  They are our quiet warriors, struggling in silence against pain, a sense of loneliness and a feeling they don’t belong.  In the past your kindness has touched the lives of our disabled veterans and helped them on their road to recovery.  Won’t you take a couple of minutes and watch our video.

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There Are Multiple Ways You Can Help Dive Warriors Change Our Lives

Dive Warriors is a non-profit charity dedicated to helping disabled veterans by offering diving excursions in the challenging sport of scuba diving, an activity which has proven to have many therapeutic qualities and help with the rehabilitation process–both physically and emotionally.

Scuba diving empowers our disabled veterans by instilling a sense of confidence and helps many of us with controlling our stress and pain. The water creates a weightless environment for those struggling with physical impairments and offers a freedom  of mobility that we can’t find on land.  Moreover, the water offers a calmness from the horrors we can’t often forget.

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