28 Mar
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Cristina Calderon


Once I submerge myself in the waters, all pain ceases to affect me and I literally feel like I have been dropped into heaven, surrounded by the peace and the life of the ocean.  As I find my breathing pace, my thoughts clear & my eyes feel wide open. The excitement, coupled with the calmness, is the best treatment I have ever experienced. There is nothing else I need for PTSD eradication.

Retaining the skill sets needed to be a good diver instills courage in my heart and reinforces my ability to learn and continue to grow.  When I emerged from the waters, I feel like a superhero.  When a dive Excursion comes up, there’s nowhere else I’d rather be. I’ve even looked into jobs diving. If I could help make the ocean a better place, then that would be my life’s work. If diving can help someone like me, it may very well be the answer to other vets struggling to find themselves and find purpose, again.

I am so Overjoyed to have discovered this wonderful experience.  Life has thrown me some major curveballs but with my scuba training I feel like I can  handle anything.  Thank you for getting me in to the place I lovingly call “HOME AWAY FROM LAND”.

— Cristina Calderon