16 Apr
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Jose Mendoza

Testim-MendozaBefore Dive Warriors I was just another DVSP ( Disabled Veteran Scuba Project) graduate certified for open water scuba diving. Nice title but that’s all it was…After I got my certification I was excited to keep diving but with new-bee knowledge, minimal equipment and even less finances it didn’t turn out quit like I expected. I felt myself looking forward to the next DVSP class to start just so I could get some pool dives in. I didn’t know anybody in the dive community, and I only felt comfortable/safe diving with my scuba instructors or my dive buddy.

Then Dive Warriors came along and set a monthly dive schedule and it brought out a lot of disabled Vets that wanted to dive, but just some how did not have the means. I feel totally safe, especially with my traumatic brain injury and being visually impaired (blind in my RT eye).  There is always an Instructor or Dive Master with me. Also as soon as Dive Warriors found out I was visually impaired they went out an bought me a pair of prescribed scuba lenses which has made my scuba diving experience 100 times better.

I really love scuba diving, and I love my Vets,

Dive Warriors brings them both together.

Thank You,

Jose Mendoza USN Ret