06 Apr
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Sandra M. Petterson


I learned to dive and was certified through the Disabled Veterans SCUBA Project nearly two years ago…that was the last time I had been diving. I was happy to find the Dive Warriors, a group of like-minded men and women who love diving, who got me back into the water.

As a veteran, I love the camaraderie of diving with other veterans. As a disabled veteran, I feel secure having my underwater battle buddies with me. Dive Warriors has allowed me to work through my PTSD by providing a structured environment where I feel safe in my surroundings.

Being underwater where it is quiet and serene, lowers my heart rate and slows down my breathing, ultimately crushing my anxiety. It’s when I’m diving that I feel the most at peace. When I’m with the Dive Warriors I am safe…no one can hurt me.

Thank you for providing me with experiences that will last a lifetime.

LS2 Sandra M. Petterson USN