30 Jun
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George Rizkalla

Dive Warriors has become an integral part of my life. Having been on medical leave due to several service-connected disabilities that I sustained while I was in the service. I had become isolated from the world. My life consisted of several weekly doctor appointments; including pain clinic, physical therapy, kinesiotherapy, acupuncture , and of course, substantial medication for the pain. I had had lost my personal and professional relationships due to seclusion of disabling medical limitations (cervical, lumbar, shoulder), and other non-evident disabilities, including anxiety, depression, and insomnia. When I learned of Dive Warriors, I was excited at the chance of meeting other Veterans like myself. I have been able to participate with these warriors in activities that help foster camaraderie, teamwork, and espirit-de-corps. I now look forward to meeting up with them once a month for therapy, both in the water, and through group outings that foster a sense of family. I am grateful at having the opportunity to have met, and become part of the group; and hope we can reach other Veterans with similar needs.

It is my hope that our organization continue to grow through generous contributions, that will allow us to expand our reach to more, and more Veterans.

Thank You Brad, Dive Warriors and all of you who support us.

— George Rizkalla