17 Nov
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Kelly McCumisky

d6800804f99b69f3a88c986fcdddcf0aI have been driving for about eight years.  Almost all of my diving has been through training. Being disabled is hard enough but add being a disabled Veteran and it becomes even more challenging.  Diving has given me relief both mentally and physically. I have been asking everybody I have met to start a dive program. So that after a disabled Veteran gets certified they can together as a unit . Dive warriors has accepted this challenge and it is a challenge. We come with a lot of baggage some left over from wars. Some scars you cannot see. Others very visible. But not all scars come on the battle field. Some come during peace time. Dive Warriors has created a safe environment  with other disabled Veterans that understand and do not judge. Most of the staff are disabled Veterans. Brad was wise enough to get good counsel from various people to understand what that need is and willing to grow. I need to be with my brothers and sisters that raised their right hand, willing to give life and limb to protect the freedom of this country. Here we find ourselves feeling whole if only for awhile. But know it’s going to happen month after month. We are not looking for a hand out but a hand up. Thank you DIVE WARRIORS.

— Kelly McCumisky